4K TVs and equipment are quickly selling and becoming more affordable. They are being heavily advertised. However, there is one key piece that is missing. The one thing that is missing is a large availability of content to view in that resolution. After all, the equipment is no good if there is nothing compatible to use it with, Fortunately, there are some pieces of content that are available. As a matter of fact, Netflix has a good selection of 4K content available for you to view. The library is also rapidly growing as more titles are being mastered for Netflix.


There are a few movies and TV shows available that have been mastered in 4k. Some of these shows have been sourced from sources such as 35MM and 5K sources which allow for more natural colors and breathtaking detail. Some shows and movies have been filmed in 2K or lower resolutions so the 4K mastering is not going to do much to improve the overall image. However, there are some beautifully shot shows and films that are available to view in such a magnificent resolution. The shows may not necessarily have the best stories. However, the point is to look at the highest new resolution possible and be amazed at what can be achieved with this new advancement.

The best movies and shows available on Netflix in 4k resolution include Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Jerry Maguire, House of Cards and Breaking Bad. These shows take the most advantage of the highest resolution available due to the source that these shows are mastered from. You get to find yourself immersed in the show like never before due to the ability to look into the image and pick out details that you couldn’t get with HD.


There is perhaps one aspect of the presentation that need to be addressed when discussing 4K UHD content and that is the sound. Fortunately, the sound does not disappoint. This shows that nothing had to be compromised when it came to the sound quality on 4K equipment. The soundtrack on these shows sound identical to their HD counterparts. You get to enjoy the same great sound with improved picture. This is the best of both worlds.

Given that the format is very new, there are a lot of bugs to be worked out. Even though the content is presented in a very high resolution, the playback is carried out at a very low bit rate which could actually compromise the image quality. However, with new advancements in technology, shows will be streamed at higher bit rates and the picture quality will be even more sharp and detailed. As of right now, the image is only slightly better than HD according to many people. Most of the improvement in picture quality is noticed when viewed up close. Also not all content is shot and filmed in 4K or higher. Therefore, regular HD adequately handles the resolution of programs that have been shot at a resolution of 2K with minimal loss of detail. Likewise, a 4K master is only minimal in image improvement as well.

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