Hand-Washing Facts

Not having the luxury of the dishwasher at home makes you realize how fast dishes can pile up and leads to such a messy kitchen. Aside from the fact that hand washing your dishes surely takes up huge amount of time and energy that even having a fail-proof system for conquering your tower of plates and coffee mugs are useless, there’s this doubt in your mind that will certainly eat you away asking if after all the effort you exerted were your dishes actually cleaned.

But no need to worry! For everyone out there who is on Team Hand Wash and doesn’t want to be bothered by the problem of needing a dishwasher when in fact you can do it on your own, life without one surely doesn’t have to be very much complicated and stressful. So here are some helpful tips for you to be assured that you are really getting your dishes rinsed and clean.

Number one is to use hot water and dish soap to eliminate the greasy feel on the dishes. Since removing leftover food from your dishes has always been the first step to an effective hand-washing system, hot water will be the key in this phase—but then, make sure that the heat isn’t intended to truly sanitize your dishes. The required temperature for bacteria to die is well above your tap could ever go and is likely higher than what your skin can take. Using hot water is truly effective in sterilizing and purifying your dishes for it to be germ-free.

Number two will be to always keep in mind that the cleaners item should come first since when you’re hand-washing the dishes, order truly matters. This is to avoid the germs to disseminate or the food particles to spread, and also to keep …

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Shaving Cream and Your Purse

We are sure that every one of us hates dirty stains anywhere from our clothes to our things. All of us always want to look clean and pleasant. So the fact that it has always been difficult to find easy and effective ways to eliminate heavy-duty stains is the number one reason why we automatically celebrate whenever we would be able to discover new cleaning tips. Surprisingly, we have good news for you fellas! We’ve come upon a very affordable stain remover that is pretty much available anywhere.

It’s shaving cream! That’s right, a shaving cream everybody! Whether you’ll be convinced by it or not, it’s up to you…but you’ll never know not unless you try. We found out that this frothy cosmetic cream turns out to be not only for lubricating the cutting process and limiting razor burn when shaving but also a very effectual stain killer!

The rich foamy nature and the smooth soapy texture of classic shaving creams are to thank for as they work amazingly great for lifting up hard and stubborn stains on everything; stains from cold and hot beverages to saucy or even muddy stains. And since its magic also works especially and effectively well for getting makeup off of your clothes, we recommend getting a travel-sized bottle of shaving cream to always have it in your purse as it may come very handy most specifically when you always need to look presentable and we don’t want any stains to hinder you from that.

Besides the fact that it is very affordable and easily attainable, it is also easy to use that it will certainly not make you have a hard time. You just need to dab some of the shaving creams onto the area where the stain is and for it to surely …

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Living Smart

As what people always say, “live smarter, not harder.” It is always best to keep things in balance whether it is your work, your family, your or leisure activities. Do not forget that while earning money is what will keep up survive in each day, life is not just about career and money. There are also other things in life that are as important or more important than you paperwork waiting for you on your desk.

Once in a while try to spend some time outside under the sun, walk your dog or have a coffee with a close friend, communicate with your loved ones after a long tiring day. After all, these small things will be the one saving us from drowning in stress and in anxiety. Do not forget to also take a day off to spend some time in nature and re-sync again to re-charge your low batteries. By doing so, this will keep you productive and will lessen your stress and worries.

Reflect. At the end of the day, give yourself a time to reflect and think about the whole day and find the things that would probably make a larger impact in your life in the future. Night time is sometimes the hardest for some of us because this is the time we re-think or make life decisions. Be sure that when you do so, your mind is not ruled by emotions. There will be times that we make a decision out of anxiety or out of anger, fear and any dominant emotions that could make us decide but will make us regret after.

Take care of yourself. Always remember that health is wealth which is 101% true. How can you accomplish greater things if your body is dead? Remember that we do not have …

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Useful Life Hacks You Should Know

The living is hard but we can make it easy through some life tricks and tips that you might be missing your whole life. We believe there is a life hack to everything from the stain in your white polo to the zipper on pants that keeps on opening – you need to look around and think creatively.

Fresh Eggs

There are tricks how to know if your fruits are fresh and now, here are the things you should know when you want to cook the freshest egg at home. Put the eggs in a cup filled with water 1) The freshest egg will always sink to the bottom and lay on its side. 2) A week-old egg will rest on the bottom but the fat end of the egg is slightly elevated. 3) A 3-week old egg will be balanced from its pointy end and the fat end slightly elevated. 4) Bad eggs will be floating around a glass of water.

Falling Buttons

Alright, your wife may not have the time to sew those button back to your favorite polo shirt. Because it keeps on falling, and you do not know how to sew it back, you will just probably buy a new one. Now, you do not have to worry, you can keep those buttons longer in your polo when you put a clear nail polish to keep it from falling off.

Other Purpose of Your Sticky Notes
Is eating in front of your laptop or personal computer your habit? There could probably be hidden dust and dirt inside or under your keys. We know, you are puzzled as to how you can clean and remove those without removing and damaging your laptop or personal computer. To do so, you can get a piece of sticky note and …

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