Living Smart

As what people always say, “live smarter, not harder.” It is always best to keep things in balance whether it is your work, your family, your or leisure activities. Do not forget that while earning money is what will keep up survive in each day, life is not just about career and money. There are also other things in life that are as important or more important than you paperwork waiting for you on your desk.

Once in a while try to spend some time outside under the sun, walk your dog or have a coffee with a close friend, communicate with your loved ones after a long tiring day. After all, these small things will be the one saving us from drowning in stress and in anxiety. Do not forget to also take a day off to spend some time in nature and re-sync again to re-charge your low batteries. By doing so, this will keep you productive and will lessen your stress and worries.

Reflect. At the end of the day, give yourself a time to reflect and think about the whole day and find the things that would probably make a larger impact in your life in the future. Night time is sometimes the hardest for some of us because this is the time we re-think or make life decisions. Be sure that when you do so, your mind is not ruled by emotions. There will be times that we make a decision out of anxiety or out of anger, fear and any dominant emotions that could make us decide but will make us regret after.

Take care of yourself. Always remember that health is wealth which is 101% true. How can you accomplish greater things if your body is dead? Remember that we do not have reached immortality wherein you can transfer your brain to a robot and continue living until the world ends. We have a time limit in this world. Focus on what is important because you might be giving importance to the wrong things. Work smart, take breaks in between and take a time to breathe.

Get disconnected. Forget about social media and your virtual worlds for a while. Get yourself in action and get your body moving. Disconnection sometime means re-connecting with the people you shut-off when you were drowning in your workload.

Learn to say no. Saying yes so just you would not make a bad image to a friend or co-worker is a poor practice. Learn to value yourself and make your priority, your priority. You can never be self-efficient and productive enough you will keep on saying yes to everyone around you.

Expecting the worst. Lowering life expectations while bringing yourself to your utmost efforts to achieve success can give you confidence and courage to start completing tasks one at a time.

At the end of the day, always remember the thing in your life that you value the most and weigh out what and where you need to put your efforts and energy into.