Shaving Cream and Your Purse

We are sure that every one of us hates dirty stains anywhere from our clothes to our things. All of us always want to look clean and pleasant. So the fact that it has always been difficult to find easy and effective ways to eliminate heavy-duty stains is the number one reason why we automatically celebrate whenever we would be able to discover new cleaning tips. Surprisingly, we have good news for you fellas! We’ve come upon a very affordable stain remover that is pretty much available anywhere.

It’s shaving cream! That’s right, a shaving cream everybody! Whether you’ll be convinced by it or not, it’s up to you…but you’ll never know not unless you try. We found out that this frothy cosmetic cream turns out to be not only for lubricating the cutting process and limiting razor burn when shaving but also a very effectual stain killer!

The rich foamy nature and the smooth soapy texture of classic shaving creams are to thank for as they work amazingly great for lifting up hard and stubborn stains on everything; stains from cold and hot beverages to saucy or even muddy stains. And since its magic also works especially and effectively well for getting makeup off of your clothes, we recommend getting a travel-sized bottle of shaving cream to always have it in your purse as it may come very handy most specifically when you always need to look presentable and we don’t want any stains to hinder you from that.

Besides the fact that it is very affordable and easily attainable, it is also easy to use that it will certainly not make you have a hard time. You just need to dab some of the shaving creams onto the area where the stain is and for it to surely sink in, be sure to blot it down. Let it stay like that for thirty minutes and we can assure you that by the time you come back, the stain would surely be loose enough to just simply be wiped away. But if you’re dealing with such tough stains like hard paint on a coarse material such as your carpet, try leaving the shaving cream overnight and tackling the next day for better results. See? It wouldn’t take much of your time.

If you’re still having doubts about the idea of using shaving cream as your stain fighter, then how about the fact that it can also easily lift up grease stains and pesky food from your clothes in a matter of minutes? You just need to apply enough amount of shaving cream on the stained area and let it settle in for a moment and then blot away for foolproof spot removal on the go. I’m sure only your dry cleaner will be disappointed.

So what are you waiting for? Try it now for you will lose none just by trying. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually gain something better and through this tip, the problem with stains won’t bother you anymore. Use shaving cream and always be on the go!