Useful Life Hacks You Should Know

The living is hard but we can make it easy through some life tricks and tips that you might be missing your whole life. We believe there is a life hack to everything from the stain in your white polo to the zipper on pants that keeps on opening – you need to look around and think creatively.

Fresh Eggs

There are tricks how to know if your fruits are fresh and now, here are the things you should know when you want to cook the freshest egg at home. Put the eggs in a cup filled with water 1) The freshest egg will always sink to the bottom and lay on its side. 2) A week-old egg will rest on the bottom but the fat end of the egg is slightly elevated. 3) A 3-week old egg will be balanced from its pointy end and the fat end slightly elevated. 4) Bad eggs will be floating around a glass of water.

Falling Buttons

Alright, your wife may not have the time to sew those button back to your favorite polo shirt. Because it keeps on falling, and you do not know how to sew it back, you will just probably buy a new one. Now, you do not have to worry, you can keep those buttons longer in your polo when you put a clear nail polish to keep it from falling off.

Other Purpose of Your Sticky Notes
Is eating in front of your laptop or personal computer your habit? There could probably be hidden dust and dirt inside or under your keys. We know, you are puzzled as to how you can clean and remove those without removing and damaging your laptop or personal computer. To do so, you can get a piece of sticky note and slide it in between keys to get the dirt.

Old Spring and Your Charger

If you are an iPhone user, you must have changed your charger more than once in your life. Admit it, you have already spent quite a lot because of the flimsy charger you are using. Now, if you have tons of spring ballpen at home or in your office that you are no longer using, you can remove the spring and use it to protect your charger’s wire from bending and stop its destruction.

Cooling Drinks Faster
Forget to freeze your beer again for movie night? We got you bud. Just wrap it with wet tissue and put it inside the fridge after just a few minutes, you can find your beer ice cold. You do not have to wait now for hours or go outside to buy cubed ice, thank this life hack.

Heating Leftovers
We all have leftovers in the fridge that we will heat up again in the morning to save time because we are running late from work. If you are, space out a circle in your plate so it will be evenly heated and quicker. No sides will be cold and some areas hot. Try it out.