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    •   NEW SEK 40C18 DataSheet 1.1

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    •   SEAforth® 40C18 Product Brief
    •   SEAforth® 40C18 Device Data Sheet 
    •   VentureForth® Programmers Guide

VentureForth is the state of the art multicore programming language. It includes compilers for both Windows and Linux and a simulator for debugging.

The VentureForth language is used to program the SEAforth family of multicore processors. It contains low level primitives as well as the high level tools necessary to map programs across the array of cores in a SEAforth processor.

Programs compiled by VentureForth can be run on SEAforth hardware or in the simulator.

The simulator is a great way to debug sections of a project. It accurately simulates the stacks and registers of each core while stepping through a program. It provides shorthand representations of each core and more detailed representations of up to four chosen cores.
The simulator will help you to debug the really tough situations.

The compiler and simulator are also teaching tools which can be used in combination with the documentation and This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn VentureForth programming.

Ingenuity, initiative and VentureForth will succeed in bringing your SEAforth design concept to market.



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