SEAforth® Evaluation Kit 40C18 (SEK 40C18)

SEAforth-24A Chip

Scalable Embedded
      Array™ Processor

   Compiler and Simulator Downloads

    •   VentureForth® S40C18

   Document Downloads

    •   NEW SEK 40C18 DataSheet 1.1

    •   NEW SEK 40C18 Schematic

    •   SEAforth® 40C18 Product Brief
    •   SEAforth® 40C18 Device Data Sheet 
    •   VentureForth® Programmers Guide


Evaluation kits are available at $499 per kit. The SEAforth Evaluation Kit includes everything you need to start programming in VentureForth. For details on qualified availability, please contact the company at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  


  • SEAforth board
  • Midi/Audio board
  • RS232 board
  • Serial board
  • Power
  • Level shifter
  • Includes USB cables
  • Includes 3 Cables to connect SEAforth board to Midi, Serial, and USB
 SEK 40C18
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